5 Simple Steps to Effective Ads


5 simple steps to effective ads

1: Keep it simple

Avoid trying to tell people everything all at once. Stay single-minded and make sure each advert has one objective or offer. If you have more you want to communicate, create additional adverts. Also make sure your copy is short, punchy and simple. People will want to assess your offer quickly and if there are too many words or complex offers they will disregard your advert and move on. Make your most compelling offer, but in as few words and images as possible.

2: Be clear

Keep your objectives clear and decide exactly what you want people to do in response to your advert. Ultimately it’s about generating sales, but the way to present your offer will differ according to what you want the adverts to achieve – creating awareness or remembering your brand, going to your website or picking up the phone and calling you.

3: Design your brand image

Like it or not, first impressions count. People seeing your adverts will form an instant impression of your business and your professionalism based on how you present yourself. Your brand image will also determine how they relate to you or whether they’ll like you, so concentrate on what you say and how you say it.

4: Think in pictures

Websites are often busy, with many features competing for the viewer’s attention. Research has proven that simple, bold visuals tend to stand out better. You can also use animation and movement to improve engagement, but once again, don’t make it busy - use animation to convey an offer or catch the eye without becoming annoying and confusing your key message.

5: Stay fresh

Refresh your adverts to avoid them becoming boring or getting overlooked. Your advert will get lots of views, so you should be changing your message relatively frequently. Different messages can cause different people to respond, so you can experiment and track what works to enhance effectiveness. You get to learn what works best, and then do more of that type of messaging.

And remember, if you have no idea about how to create an advert or what to say, we can help you.