South Africans are online!

There is often a perception that South Africa lags behind when it comes to online usage.  Taking economic factors into account, which limits access, the use of the internet and social media is surprisingly high.  What’s even more fascinating is the amount of time spent on digital devices.


Some interesting facts:

  • Almost 25 million people in South Africa have an active internet connection, with almost 12 million having a social media account of some kind
  • Facebook is by far the biggest social platform, with 13 million users. What’s interesting is that there is an even gender split, and almost ¾ are accessing Facebook from their mobile phones
  • More time is spent on digital devices (amongst those with internet access) than watching TV. The average in South Africa over 5 hours per day on a PC or tablet, and over 3 hours via a phone
  • There has been a 47% increase in viewing video content in 2015 in South Africa
  • The most common reason to go online is to browse, at 84%, followed by messaging at 81%


This means that it is becoming increasingly difficult for business owners and marketers to ignore digital advertising.  The reality is that the population is spending more and more time online, and this is where they are turning for news and entertainment.


Because it is such new and evolving territory, and can seem so complex to understand, many small business owners are apprehensive about how to use digital advertising effectively.  This in itself presents a huge opportunity for those who get their brands our early, before the competition do.


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