Online advertising is the fastest growing medium in South Africa

It is clear that there is a massive shift from newspaper and magazine advertising to online advertising taking place.  Where online advertising spend is expected to double in value in the space of 5 years, magazines are set to decline and newspapers will show negligible growth.

Newspaper Advertising

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The value of advertising spend is generally reflective of audience numbers – the more people are consuming that medium, the more advertisers want to use it.

Newspapers in particular have been a popular medium for small and local businesses. While community newspapers have held up better than national and regional titles, it is clear that readership numbers are declining.

It’s never a good idea to switch advertising strategies in a knee-jerk fashion, but it is wise to start testing new and growing media.  Thus, small businesses that have been using print (newspaper and magazine) could maintain or taper off spend slightly, while testing the effectiveness of online advertising.

The beauty of online advertising is that you can start small, and scale up as it proves itself.  It is not like print, where you pay a set amount.  You can determine exactly how much you want to spend, in what areas, to which people and at what time.  And you will get exact numbers of people who saw your adverts.

Maybe now is the time to dip your toe into online advertising if you haven’t already.


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