Improving the effectiveness of Facebook advertising

The social media giants are often guarded in the amount and type of information they make public.  In a recent publication, however, Facebook revealed some fascinating insight into how their users interact with advertising, and therefore how to use it improve the effectiveness of Facebook advertising – especially for South African small businesses who might not have a strong online presence.

Some of the highlights were:

  • less than 1% of sales are driven by clicks on your advert.  This means that 99% of sales are driven by impressions, i.e. views of your adverts, where the advert is noted and a purchase decision is made without the need to click on your advert
  • this means that memorability is key.  What is going to make to stand out and be remembered?  This puts a great onus on your creative to be impactful and memorable
  • Context is important, because you are being presented within their ‘social content space’, and they way you present yourself should be cognisant of this. Hard sell is not always the answer
  • Mobile advertising is increasingly important. 85% of South African internet users access the internet via a smart phone.  What is also interesting is that there was a 42% increase in video consumption on smartphones in South Africa in 2015.


There are basically three success factors to a successful social media campaign

1. The right objective – know what you want to achieve.  There are five core objectives relevant to small businesses: brand awareness, driving people in-store, driving people to your website, lead generation,and e-commerce.  The way adverts are structured must support your objective.

2. Audience targeting – with specific audience definitions Facebook can be up 94% accurate.  This is more than lust location and demographics (age, gender etc), but also through behaviours and interests.  The latter two provide the greatest opportunity to make sure your brand and offers are relevant to the audience, and have the greatest chance of being successful.

3. Engaging creative – be memorable


Thus, we know Facebook has tremendous reach, and the challenge is to use it effectively for local businesses.


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