How do you go about getting a business website? – 3 options

Now that you’ve decided to get a website for your business, what do you do next?

This is generally a trade off between

  • Your skills
  • Your time
  • Your budget
  • How unique or complex you want your site to be

A) The DIY option with low skills

Here you best bet is a Website Builder service, which consists of a series of templates which you just edit.  Advantages are that it is very simple to set up and edit, and it’s cheap (often including the hosting).  The downsides are that you are more limited on your design options.

Have a look at the Website Builder at


B) The DIY option with intermediate skills

The first decision is whether you want a free site, or a better quality one that costs some money.  An example of a free website hosting service is WordPress.  The downside is that you will have ‘WordPress’ in your domain name, e.g.  The problem with this is that everyone know you have a free site, and it’s not great for your brand image.

Managed WordPress is one step up.  It allows you to have a WordPress site with your own website domain name, e.g.  You can still design your website using 1000’s of free templates, but looks professional to the outside world.  These can be cheap – less than R100 per month – and you get your domain name thrown in for free.  Check out or  This is a ‘do-it-yourself’ option, or you can get one of 1000’s of WordPress developers to help you set this up.


C) The Developer Route

If you want to go with a more unique site, or really don’t have the time or inclination to do it yourself, you will need to appoint a developer.  They will need from you:

  • The domain name, which is your website address (e.g. Remember that it is not your website, but just the name of your site
  • The hosting service, which is the company that keeps the website on their servers. Examples include or, and they offer hosting from R50 per month. They will also help you register your domain name.
  • Clear direction on what you want profiled in your website. This is important to stop lots of changes which translates into wasted money.



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