Franchisee online advertising can be a challenge

Online advertising can pose a bit of a problem for a franchisee. Apart from the permissions and approvals required, the franchisor most often owns the corporate website and social media pages. This doesn’t affect the advert itself, but impacts on what happens if the viewer clicks on the advert for any reason.

When it comes to search advertising or web banner display advertising, there is no getting away from the need for a web address – you won’t be allowed to create an ad without one.
With Facebook (and other social media pages) you will need a page to create the advert, but have a bit more flexibility in terms of what you can link to – a website or the Facebook page.

There main issue, however, is that traffic that you drive to these websites or social pages does not profile your outlet or support the content of your advert. So anyone who clicks on your advert for more information gets to a generic site with non-specific information and is left confused or frustrated.

Furthermore, not owning the website or social pages means:
1. You can’t even create adverts without admin rights on social pages
2. You can’t get performance data to measure how well your advertising is doing without owning the website

Turf Media encounters many of these situations where the advertiser does not have, or have access to, a website or Facebook page.

A solution we provide is to allow franchisees to ‘host’ their business as a page on our website, or create ads on our Facebook and other social media accounts. The theme is quite neutral – Recommended Local Businesses – and resembles a directory listing, but the content is specific to the franchisee. An example of a webpage created for one of our clients is .

As stated previously, the advert itself is the most important part of the communication, but you do want to be sure that your specific contact information, company information or offers are immediately available.


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