Facebook produces the best return on investment

A recent survey by showed what many social media marketers already know – Facebook is seen to produce the best return-on-investment compared to other social channels.  Although most small businesses will not calculate online advertising ROI, this still gives a good indication of where you are likely to get the best bang for your buck.

Facebook is the best ‘all Turf SocialFreshpurpose’ social media platform.  It offers a flexible blend of visual and text based content, unlike Instagram and Pinterest which are very visually-dominant, and Twitter which is very limited in the number of words you can use.

In South Africa, this situation is likely to be even more skewed towards Facebook. Facebook has a higher penetration than all the others (with approximately 11 million active users), and its targeting capability is much better than for example Twitter.  Instagram is growing fast, particularly since its takeover by Facebook.

But this doesn’t mean that the other social channels cannot deliver a better ROI if you have more specific advertising objectives. If you are a surf shop with amazing surf imagery, and a younger audience, Instagram would be the ideal platform for you. If you are an edgy fashion brand that wants to comment on all social and celebrity issues in real time, Twitter could be better for you.

This highlights the importance of aligning your advertising strategy with the social media platform features and effectiveness.


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