Does display advertising deserve its poor reputation?

There are many critics of display advertising, who point to its very low click through rate.  They use this as proof it doesn’t work.


This is an unfair criticism – it has to be judged against what you are trying to achieve. Not every objective is a click through to somewhere.  Display advertising works for creating brand awareness and familiarity, and for communicating an offer.  If you are promoting your 2 for 1 pizza night, why do I need to click though to your website? You have told me everything I need to know.  And not clicking doesn’t mean I won’t respond to your display advert by visiting your outlet for your delicious pizza.


In fact, a recent Facebook study showed that only 99% of sales are driven by impressions, with only 1% coming from clicks.


Thus, the right offer, to the right people, and the right time, in a memorable way will be effective.


Display advertising is in theory no different to print advertising.  But it has a number of advantages over print, particularly in terms of its targeting potential.  This means you can pick your geographic areas more precisely, as well as the profile of the people within those areas. And it is often much, much cheaper!


What you do need to do when using display advertising is to:

  • Make sure you have good creative to achieve maximum standout
  • Have a clear message and clear branding
  • Ensure enough frequency, for the same reason you see TV ads more than once
  • See it as part of an advertising mix, where different platforms can be used to their best advantage


The good news (and make sure that this doesn’t get spread too widely) is that as long as marketers are using display incorrectly and therefore staying away from it, the less the demand and the lower the price for advertisers who can use it correctly.


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