Survey: Getting new customers biggest SMME challenge

A recent study by Wells Fargo ranked each challenge faced by small businesses in the United States, and many of these will be familiar to South African small business owners.

Challenges faced by small businesses

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What is revealing is that the top challenge has been identified as Attracting New Customers. Big companies have the top-of-mind awareness and credibility that makes acquiring new customers that much easier.  Small businesses also often lack the resources to actively recruit new customers, be that through sales people or putting big money into sustained advertising.


Online advertising can play a significant part in facilitating this process.  For businesses with ‘walk-in’ customers, it can play an awareness role in just telling new customers that you exist and what you have to offer.  For B2B type businesses, it can be used in conjunction with the sales process where you familiarize your target customers with your brand prior to knocking on their door.

And this can be achieved very inexpensively.  The beauty of online advertising is that you can be very targeted in terms of the profile of the customer you want – who they are, and their interests and behaviours – which reduces wasteful adverting spend enormously.

Furthermore, many small businesses attract customers from very defined geographic areas, down to suburb level, and online advertising is ideal for this level of micro-marketing,  You don’t need to be limited by the distribution area of newspapers or radio – you decide exactly where you want your adverts to be seen.

And lastly, it’s possible to reach people at the time they are most receptive to your message – if you are an estate agent it can be Sunday and Monday, if you are a food outlet it can be afternoons and evenings, and if you are an after hours plumber you dominate the overnight online space.


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