The best day of the week to send marketing emails

If you have customer contact information, email can be a very powerful and relatively cost effective way to market your local business. One of the hardest decisions is how often you should send out emails – too infrequently and you miss opportunities, and too often and you become seen as ‘spammy’ (with lower open rates and a greater risk of unsubscribing).

So the timing of you emailers for high performance becomes critical. A recent study of 7 billion emails by Yesmail in the US gave some valuable insights. Key findings were that:

  • Thursdays generated the highest engagement rates where open rates were on average 14% higher than all other days. The reasons for this are difficult to determine, but may be that people become more responsive to marketing messages the closer it gets to the weekend.

Yesmail 1

  • Saturdays has the highest conversion rate (number of clicks that lead to purchase), almost 60% higher than the average conversion rates. Sundays also show above average conversion. This would tend to make sense as people have more time to shop online over the weekend.

Yesmail 2

There was some variation by industry, where conversions are highest on Sunday for retail and product sales. Entertainment and financial services have their highest conversions on Saturdays.

As with all digital marketing it is a test and learn process, where you work out what’s best for your business and and your customers. There are some ways to increase effectiveness through tailoring for individual customers.

This could be triggers for example, where the email management tool can assess what day people have opened emails in the past. Another way is to ask people when they subscribe to your list what day they would like to receive emails.

So, in conclusion, it is still not a perfect science as to the best time to send out emails, but the research should help narrow your focus based on industry experience.


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