Advertising for Smart phones versus Feature phones

More South African consumers access the internet from a mobile device than desktop, and the majority of this is via a cell phone. If you are targeting upper income consumers, there is a very high likelihood that they are using a smart phone, whereas lower income users are using a mix of smart phones and feature phones.


Feature phones are essentially more basic smart phones, where the key difference from an advertising point of view is the smaller screen size (typically they have the physical number pad under the screen) and the way adverts are displayed. Facebook in particular structure adverts differently between the two, so you might find a key bit of information cut off your advert on a feature phone!


There was a prevailing thought that feature phones would naturally disappear as the cost of smart phones decreased. The reality is that 50% of phones being sold in South Africa are still feature phones because there is still a relative wide price difference – feature phones can be bought for a just over R100.


So, the reality is that if you are appealing to the mass market, it is important to design your advert to work both on smart and feature phones


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