5 advantages of digital advertising over print for local businesses

Local businesses don’t have a wide array of advertising options, and community print often seems like the obvious medium.  But digital advertising growth is outstripping that of print for a number of reasons.

  • Digital adverts can target a specific demographic, which gives the advertiser greater control over who sees the ad – this means less money is wasted on the wrong customers. Print advertising rates are driven by their predetermined distribution profile – meaning you still pay to reach people outside your target area or profile


  • Digital advertising costs are variable and can be set to exactly match your budget, which makes it very flexible. Print advertising is associated with flat fees, and if you want more than one title they can add up very quickly


  • Digital advertising is interactive – the viewer is always only one click away from engaging with your website, Facebook page or listing. This may be to find out more about you, see your offers, or even transact.  Because it’s so easy and interactive, if your offer is of interest they may only need to see it once before they respond. Print requires readers to leave what they are doing to contact you – before they flip the page – or even worse, to remember you when it comes time to need your services.  This requires frequency – running your ads many times before they recall you.


  • Digital advertising media costs are based on impressions or clicks – these are people who have verifiably seen a page with your advert on it (usually in a much less cluttered environment).  You get what you pay for – 10 000 impressions paid for means 10 000 readers have seen your ad. Print rates are based on circulation, which means you pay for that local newspaper that is delivered to a house but remains unopened – or used to line the birdcage! All you can be sure of is that a lot less people will see your ad than the figure sold to you.


  • Digital media is almost free to distribute for the publisher, which means no printing or delivery costs and no retailer mark-ups.  This means it has a built in cost advantage. You are just paying to reach the right part of their established audience. Print media is very cost intensive. Often the cover price is lower than what it costs to print the title, and advertising is used to subsidize this cost

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