4 reasons why building Facebook communities is generally not a good idea for small businesses

Many big brands and companies use social media, especially Facebook, as a core part of their marketing strategy.  They build communities of ‘fans’ who they communicate to through Facebook.

Small businesses may look at this and wonder if they are missing out on valuable marketing opportunities.

To really compete in this space takes an enormous amount of resources, in both time and money, which makes this impractical for most small businesses.  The 4 main reasons are:

  1. Frequency of posting. To get seen and be effective, you should be posting new and interesting content very frequently.  And by frequently we mean:
    • Facebook: 2 times a day
    • Twitter: 10 times a day (or more)
    • LinkedIn: once daily

How many small businesses have the time, and the right type of content, to be maintaining a social media strategy at these levels?  It can be very disheartening to put all that work in and see very little growth in numbers and engagement.


  1. Changing rules. Facebook keeps changing the rules for how many of your posts they will show to your fans. For example, a few years ago, you could count on 1 in 4 posts reaching the timeline of your fans.  Now it is 1 in 20 if you are lucky.  Small businesses simply cannot keep on top of these constant changes to know how to adapt their strategy to be effective.


  1. The cost. Facebook effectively force you to pay to communicate with your fans, and to build any sense of community where your fans feel like they get regular updates from you can cost a significant amount. Note: this is different from using Facebook for advertising, where you are directly communicating an offer or call-to-action, rather than a ‘softer’ engagement piece.


  1. The quality of content. Facebook increases the number of people it shows your posts to the more people like or share your previous posts.  Creating posts that are so interesting that your fans feel they want to like or share it is a challenge for even the most experienced writers.


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