3 reasons why most traditional forms of advertising don’t suit local businesses.

There is often a mismatch between the advertising needs of the local business, and the features of the advertising options that are available.  And this is compounded by the fact budgets are often small, and a quick return on investment is needed.

Traditionally the options available were print, radio or outdoor advertising (like billboards). Looking into the way these options work, it is clear what the problems are for smaller local businesses:

  1. High cost. The cost of running even one advert on radio or major newspaper can cost many thousands of rand.  And you will need to run these many times over to be effective.  If you go for a smaller newspaper, the cost can be less, but then so is the audience.
  2. Don’t reach the right people. This is particular problem with radio and bigger newspapers, where their very nature is that they reach people much more far and wide than you need.  If you are a Durban based plumber, why do you want to pay to advertise to people in Empangeni and Port Shepstone?  Even in you advertise in a local community newspaper, they are distributed to households not directly in your catchment area, and households who maybe cannot even afford your services.
  3. You don’t have the ability to turn it on and off at will, and change it if it’s not working optimally.   Once you sign off on a campaign, you just have to hope it works.

Online advertising is dramatically changing the advertising landscape for local business.  It has features that address all the problems of traditional advertising – it’s very low cost, highly targeted and incredibly flexible.



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