3 reasons why digital advertising has greater impact for local businesses

One of the biggest concerns of small business owners is ‘advertising blindness’ – that is when your potential customers see advertising but it doesn’t register in their consciousness. This lack of impact becomes a waste of precious resources.


There are various ways to try and overcome this advertising blindness by achieving impact and standout with your advertising: with your message, a special offer or through your creative approach.  However, an often overlooked consideration is the environment in which your adverts appear.


There are 3 reasons why digital (online) advertising for South African local businesses will achieve disproportional stand out:

  1. It’s unexpected

Think about when you page through one of the free community newspapers that appear in your post box on a weekly basis.  They are full of adverts for local businesses, and it’s what you would expect.  It is never going to surprise you.  Now if one of your local businesses suddenly appeared on TV, chances are very high that you would notice it because it’s so unusual. Digital advertising can be like this for local businesses so few local businesses have discovered it’s benefits.


  1. There is a natural affinity for local businesses

This is a bit like rooting for the underdog, where people naturally want to see local businesses in their local communities succeed.  There is greater warmth and affection for owner-managed businesses over faceless corporates.  So when they see advertising from these businesses they are more likely to take note of it.


  1. There is stature to be gained from playing with the big boys.

Digital advertising is currently dominated by the big national brands, and very few small businesses are active in this area. So over and above what you say, which should be impactful, the mere fact that you are seen in the company of these brands helps greatly in getting you noticed.


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