Digital advertising is just advertising, after all


When ‘digital’ was still in its infancy and specialist digital agencies were trying to justify their existence, they did this by attacking traditional advertising where it hurt most – measurability. There was that famous quote that said “50% of my advertising is wasted. I’m just not sure which 50%”.


This focus on numbers worked, as more and more advertising money went into digital advertising. It became a crutch for marketers, because having numbers was better than not having numbers in trying to assess if campaigns were working.


However, the digital marketing industry have become a victim of their own success, where clients now can’t see any value beyond the ‘engagement’ numbers.   If they haven’t clicked on your advert the campaign is seen as not performing.  Who last clicked on a newspaper or magazine advert?  Does that make them ineffective?


This is a misguided assumption.  It assumes there is no value in simply achieving familiarity though consistent visibility.  Familiarity builds trust, and increases your top-of-mind awareness.  Think of politicians.  It is a well-known fact that politicians that are in the public eye most often have higher approval ratings.  The more exposure they get, the more people feel like they know them and have a greater affinity for them.  The same applies to brands.


When it comes to digital advertising, there is a place for the impression, delivered frequently, in acting to build top-of-mind familiarity.  Consumers don’t only have to click on your ad for it to have value.  And the propensity to click may be industry or category specific – the consumer perhaps knows enough about you already, and has no need to go to your website or landing page. The reminder that you exist may be enough.


This obviously doesn’t apply to online transactional businesses, where click-through is the end all and be all, but for most local or small businesses with a bricks and mortar presence brand familiarity has huge value.


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