Facebook produces the best return on investment

A recent survey by SocialFresh.com showed what many social media marketers already know – Facebook is seen to produce the best return-on-investment compared to other social channels.  Although most small businesses will not calculate online advertising ROI, this still gives a good indication of where you are likely to get the best bang for your… Read more

Facebook Ads vs Facebook Promoted Posts

The two most common ways to promote your small business through Facebook is using one of these two Facebook advertising formats.  You may wonder what the difference is, and when you should use them. Firstly, a promoted post.  As the name suggest, this is when you promote a post that is featured on your Facebook… Read more

Improving the effectiveness of Facebook advertising

The social media giants are often guarded in the amount and type of information they make public.  In a recent publication, however, Facebook revealed some fascinating insight into how their users interact with advertising, and therefore how to use it improve the effectiveness of Facebook advertising – especially for South African small businesses who might… Read more

South Africans are online!

There is often a perception that South Africa lags behind when it comes to online usage.  Taking economic factors into account, which limits access, the use of the internet and social media is surprisingly high.  What’s even more fascinating is the amount of time spent on digital devices.   Some interesting facts: Almost 25 million… Read more